Day: March 24, 2018


K Sports Men’s 2nd XI vs Burnt Ash (Bexley) Men’s 7th XI

This weekend Saw K Sports Mens 2nd XI play against Burnt Ash in a game that would see them win the league, if results went their way elsewhere, and the team were entirely focused on getting the job done themselves without worrying about the bigger picture. They had their squad available and raring to get going with the game as the Kent Messenger’s Photographer, Andy, turned up and took a squad photo in preparation for a forthcoming article.

The game started quickly with a large amount of domination from K Sports, as the home side passed the ball with pace through the midfield and the wings which saw Burnt Ash have to resort to 7 in defence and make the game very difficult to find space in the D to get ahead.

Luke Boniface found a foot in the D, after some expert dribbling and a quick turn, and Howard Goacher powered a short corner home after Simon Boniface found him in the D.

K sports continued to dominate the game and show their superiority in the game, and the league. The midfield was completed by Andy Stiff who was returning from identifying the cause of an underlying ankle injury, and it was evident the treatment had worked by the way he crushed every potential attack and quickly set up another wave for K Sports. Ben Chadwick and James Dench also battled hard and gave everything for the team with incisive and intelligent passes and runs.

Half time came and the score still being 1-0, there was a rare sense of frustration only seen once previously in the season, but much like earlier in the season they settled those emotions by scoring yet another goal early on with Captain Andy Smith finding the back Board.

Burnt Ash grew frustrated with the lack of possession and relentless defending, and goalkeeper Aaron Divall was becoming a kitted spectator, but conditions were made worse for Burnt Ash by Kai Wilson and Luke Boniface finding the goal to add to the team’s impressive goal scoring tally.

Darren Body, Matt Savage and Joe Dowling were impressive in defence, although Burnt Ash managed to grab a goal from a short corner, and showed the form that had meant the side have been solid from the back.

Any hopes of a comeback were killed by Andy Smith grabbing another goal, and bring the team’s goals scored tally to 99 for the season. 1 goal away from 100 goals scored in the season. A feat that no other K sports or Cobdown team had achieved in the past, as far as we can recall.

Sutton Valance lost on the day which confirmed K Sports as Champions of Kent Open Division 4, and the squad celebrated by popping champagne on the pitch as a reward for the hard work this season.

Well Done K Sports 2 XI – Champions!


K Sports Ladies 1st XI vs Bromley and Beckenham Ladies 5th XI

With a break from the snow, K Sports ladies were ready for today’s game. A quick pushback found Becki Austin with the ball, who fired the ball through a number of the oppositions sticks, from the half way to a speedy Jo Fowler waiting at the top of the D. Fowler ran the ball into the D, narrowly missing an opening goal within seconds of the game starting, however a foul resulted the award of a penalty flick. Novice Austin took the penalty shot, which was on target in the bottom right hand corner of the goal, but it was unfortunately saved by the young oppositions keeper.

Throughout the first half, K Sports were working hard as a team and despite multiple on target attempts at the goal by McAllan, Fowler and Frampton, the opposition keeper wasn’t letting anything past her.

In a succession of short corners awarded, again K Sports were unable to make their way onto the scoresheet. Despite the amount of attacking play in the first half, the defensive line were also put under pressure from the oppositions young and skilful forward line, however the defenders were able to intercept the ball and work it back into midfield before the danger escalated.

After a motivating half time team talk, K Sports were ready for their goal. With a short corner won early in the second half, Shona McAllen injected a strong short ball to Percival waiting patiently on the D. She stepped in and hit the ball hard at the goal mouth and found its way into the back of the goal from a deflection off the oppositions defender, despite Frampton waiting eagerly on the post.

The attacking play continued, with some awesome balls sent out of defence to be carried at pace up the wings by Frampton, Wood and McAllan, and the relentless work by the Fowler sisters in the middle of the pitch, however the game ended as a one goal victory to the Kobs ladies – a very well deserved three points for the team work they displayed today.


Bromley & Beckenham Ladies 6th XI vs K Sports Ladies 2nd XI

In a season that has bought performances that have excited and frustrated in equal measure, none has brought the intrigue that this encounter did. Playing a team in the higher echelons of the division K Sports knew that this was going to be a tough match, what they did not count on was how totally weird it was going to be.

Bromley and Beckenham 6th XI started the match with ten players before injury reduced their number again by one. Yet it was the home side that dominated the possession and the team in black just could not get any real possession. They were on the back foot for much of the first half and yet they were to end the 35 minutes three goals to the good.

K Sports eliminated the Bromley and Beckenham kicking back from play after three cracking balls from various angles and Maddie Thorp, Kayleigh Smith and Sharon Turville were all on hand when it mattered to slot the ball home.

The second half saw K Sports begin to play some much more fluid hockey but having to re-arrange their players fifteen minutes into the second half seemed to steer the away side off course and very quickly K-Sports saw their three goal advantage disappear. Even player of the match Tracey Smith could not thwart the Bromley and Beckenham winning goal but K Sports will regroup for their final two games of the season.