From the first blow of the whistle, it was obvious that both teams were keen to maintain possession and fight for those 3 points. New Beccs found their way into our defensive D throughout the first half and put the defensive line under great pressure, but with good composure and teamwork, they were able to hold them off and send the ball back out of the danger zone. Keeper Nichols also made some important saves to prevent the opposition making their way onto the scoresheet.

K Sports were also not short of their attacking game play. Once the ball made its way out of the defensive half, the forward line supported by the midfield put pressure on the opposition’s defensive line but were unable to penetrate the D to get the all-important strike at goal. One near opportunity came from a ball fired by Austin from the 23 to Fowler at the top of the D, but the New Beccs goalkeeper fended the shot off.

As the half time whistle approached, New Beccs found themselves on the attack and were able to find a momentary lapse in the K Sports defence, finding one of their players on the back post where it was slotted past the goalkeeper.

With a change of formation, K Sports entered the second half looking for the equaliser. The second half saw more positive and controlled passes between the team players to allow the ball to find its way up the pitch, which is where K Sports spent the majority of their time in the second half, with only a handful of attacks against the defensive line from the opposition. Jo Fowler demonstrated a high level of determination and was able to intercept many of the oppositions attempts of attacking throughout the game.

There were numerous short corners throughout the game for both K Sports and New Beccs; the K Sports defence demonstrated a strong performance and were able to prevent New Beccs from scoring from any of these. As the second half began to come to an end, New Beccs unfortunately slotted a second ball past the goalkeeper making the score 2-0.

The score line did not correlate the amount of hard work and effort put into the game play by the K Sports players and we can take the determination from this forwards into our next league game – looking forward to the 3 points next week!


Date Time League Season
7th October 2017 2:00 pm Kent Women's League Division 3 2017/18


Thomas Aveling School
85A Arethusa Rd, Rochester ME1 2UN, UK


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
K Sports Ladies 1st XI000Loss
New Beccehamian Ladies 2nd XI112Win

K Sports Ladies 1st XI

28Shona McAllan