Men’s 2nd XI

The second team currently play in the Kent Open League Division 4 and are captained by Andy Smith.
Men's 2nd XI captain

Men’s 2nd XI Fixtures


Kent Men’s Open League Division 4

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Men’s 2nd XI

#PlayerGoalsAssistsAppearancesWin RatioDraw Ratio
1Mark Brown0000.000.00
3Dave McLeod0000.000.00
13Aaron Divall0000.000.00
20Dave Goff0000.000.00
22Joe Dowling0000.000.00
33Simon Boniface0000.000.00
36Richard Gower0000.000.00
42Luke Boniface0000.000.00
50Richard Bernhard0000.000.00
55Chris Starling0000.000.00
58Hayden O’Shea0000.000.00
59Jay O’Shea0000.000.00
66Mike Newmarch0000.000.00
67Chris Dixon0000.000.00
68Rick Smith0000.000.00
69Jerry Montgomery0000.000.00
73Charlie Bishop0000.000.00
75Darren Body0000.000.00
78John Ward0000.000.00
93Andy Smith0000.000.00
97Gavin Fisher0000.000.00
99James Bush0000.000.00
102John Dale0000.000.00